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To our knowledge, there have been no further leaks since the one this morning which featured Mercy as Nike the goddess of victory.

But it won't be long before we get a new trailer from the Blizzard team and official confirmation of a return for Lucioball, new skins, old skins and plenty more besides. OVERWATCH SUMMER GAMES 2017 UPDATE 4There are still a few more hours to go until Blizzard will likely roll out the new Overwatch Summer Games 2017 update and while we might have already been gifted our first skin via a leak on Reddit (below) fans are busy cooking up some further ideas for more new skins.

which severely limits the goal-mouth cheese strategies which proved so popular last year...If you complete your 10 placement matches you'll get a special spray (like in seasonal play), while Top 500 finishers get an even better version of that spray.Should any player complete 10 placement matches they'll be rewarded with a special spray, just like in seasonal play.Overwatch Summer Games 2017 will be kicking off soon, with the big event going live tomorrow on the release date on August 8.It is the second year that the seasonal Overwatch event is running, and it will see the return of Lucioball and the return of some classic skins.

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