Uses of mass spectrometry in carbon dating

If nothing more, it suggests that Wat’s Dyke was already known by that name early in the twelfth century, although direct references have not survived.It may also indicate that, by then, the two Dykes were seen as somehow sharing origins, as Sir Cyril Fox believed, although this is perhaps reading more into a late story than is justified.Offa’s Dyke is the best known and longest of these, but other well known examples include the Rowe Ditch in Herefordshire and the one I will be discussing here, Wat’s Dyke.It is usually thought that the name is not of any great antiquity, being first documented (as Clauwdd Wade) in 1431, although the lateness of the date may be a result of the vagaries of survival of Welsh medieval documents.Between 19, he worked for the Chester City Council, developing an extensive knowledge of the region’s archaeology.Since 2004 he holds the post of Archaeology Officer at the North Hertfordshire District Council’s Museums Service. The Welsh Marches contain a large number of linear earthworks of various sizes and lengths.

He is found in other Germanic tales, not as a human but as a sea giant.

Both Heoden and Hagena, Hild’s father, are mentioned a line before Wada in Widsith, suggesting that the story was well known to the composer of the poem.

The hero Weland (the smith of Germanic mythology) was portrayed as his son and Widia, an historical character mentioned in Jordanes’ de Origine et Actibus Getarum xxxiv as Vidigioia, his grandson.

concluded that Wat’s Dyke consisted of three separate stretches of earthwork, with gaps between them.

In these places, he surmised, formerly dense forest or deep ravines made a formal barrier unnecessary.

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Nor does it appear likely that it derives from the name of a member of the Mercian royal dynasty, which contains no individuals with a name containing the element Wad-.

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