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Once the rubble is small enough to lug downhill, the women and children take over.Older kids use mallets and small sledgehammers to crush the rock into pebbles, while very small children use ball-peen hammers. An industrious rock crusher can fill about 10 pans per week, but whether anyone buys that much is out of their control.Exports of diamonds, bauxite, and rutile set records, growing over the previous year by 45, 66, and 13 percent, respectively.Iron ore companies have begun extraction operations near the central city of Makeni. Yet most of the population still lives without power, clean water, affordable education or competent medical facilities.During the civil war from 1991-2002 -- which saw one of its final chapters close on Wednesday, when an international tribunal sentenced Liberian leader Charles Taylor to 50 years in prison for supporting the rampaging rebels of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) -- Freetown drew tens of thousands of people fleeing violence in the undeveloped provinces of the country.

Exports surged 48 percent over 2009 to a total of 1 million.

By and large, Sierra Leone of 2012 appears very much the same as when the war ended in 2002, at least as far as the average citizen is concerned.

According to Bailor Barrie, a frustrated and outspoken doctor at Koidu's government hospital -- where major operations are performed next to windows because there's no power for the lights -- things are "exactly the same" as they were 20 years ago, before the RUF rebels exploited the lack of infrastructure to gain early acceptance among those suffering in the provinces.

ADONKIA, Sierra Leone -- Ten years after the end of Sierra Leone's bloody civil war over control of its diamond fields, children as young as 3 years old continue to toil in its mines, hoping at best to earn a few pennies for food in a country still wracked by extreme poverty.

But the children aren't looking for diamonds, which at least hold the hope of a big payday.

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Traffic includes newer Mercedes sedans and Porsche SUVs, which almost always belong to foreign businessmen or their well-connected local representatives.

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