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If you've ever caught yourself scanning a room for outlets, or worrying about how long you can eke out a charge on your phone, then this collection of battery-saving Android apps is for you.

These apps are helpful even if you've got a built-in battery-saving feature to help you in a dire situation, and even if you have Android 6.0 Marshmallow software with Doze, Google's built-in feature to pause resource-draining processes when you're not actively using your handset.

These might not sound like battery hogs on their own, but each plays a small role in how much life you get from a single charge.

The four preset profiles (Home, Work, Night and Super-Saving Emergency Mode) can be tailored to your liking; switch between profiles manually or set up profiles that automatically turn on when you hop onto your home or work's Wi-Fi network.

With Greenify, users can hand pick which lower priority apps should take a nap.As with others, you can create your own custom mode.The app also lets users dig in and see which apps are more battery hungry, or which can be suspended without impacting performance.Although it may not offer as many unique features as others on this list, I appreciate its all-in-one hub for power-saving settings (some phone software spread these features out in settings submenus).Avast provides a quick and easy way to manage options like Wi-Fi, display brightness, sync and vibration.

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