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These sites are clearly and blatantly running protection for Zionist Jewry and do not believe in freedom of speech. All of these sites, after either posting a few Jones as a fraud, and was shot to death a few weeks later.

Some suggest Cooper was an obstacle…and was removed to clear the way for Jones to ‘fly-paper op’ as much of the patriot community as possible. Jones, with his massive ego and Protestant fundamentalist background, is clearly a Zionist operative and co-conspirator. He is also one of the most notorious ‘borrowers’ of other site’s materials and other talk show host guests and topics.

This leaves the distinct impression with some that Jones is really not truly loyal to publishing the Truth, but rather to catering to his handlers and power base largely composed of wealthy Zionist Jews and various Jewish Hollywood elites.

A article exposing Obama’s dependence on Jewish wealth and influence was featured on his site early one morning.

I was informed two hours later that Icke had taken the entire article down without explanation and banned — they were Icke’s own property.

Although I was raised in a religious Jewish home, when I reached the age of twenty-one, I repudiated Judaism and embraced Jesus Christ and Christianity.

Eventually, I was baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church and now call myself an “Orthodox Christian.” Having grown up in paradigm of upper-middle class synagogue lifestyle, I know, intimately, how Jews think and operate .

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This is in NO way a gratuitous slam of these men but an honest portrait as I have personally experienced and observed it.

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