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Will I look as good as my photoshopped profile picture, when I’m not emerging from the ocean in a tightly fitted diving suit? Meeting up in person after you meet through a dating app is not for everyone but it is for most.

Will I chew my food awkwardly that make my well-postured selfies, which required five or six shots, seem like a fraud? It is a much less awkward way of meeting someone, at least because most of us will have the right amount of information – not quite the blind date you’ve been set up on where you get the entire lowdown of the other person’s life, work and dating history, or the head rushing but admittedly shallow feels from meeting someone in the thralls of a club blaring the latest Chainsmokers’ hit at 2am.

For those who want to connect with another, it’s easier to sound witty and humourous if you’re behind a screen.

For the shy and less wordy, gifs and emoticons can be helpful.

All you need to do is log on to Live Links website and dial the local phone dating number by entering your area code.

SINGAPORE: In the early days of the Internet, web anonymity and the sketchy nature of chatrooms gave rise to the conventional wisdom that you shouldn’t meet in person anyone you’ve met only online. In the US, online dating has increased massively over the last five years, tripling among millennials aged 18 to 25 since 2013, while approval of online dating increased by 15 percentage points in that same time frame, according to a Pew Research Centre survey.

If anything else, consider such apps a larger net you can cast on a wider ocean of fish – for your options are no longer limited to whoever your bestie thinks is another hot single or that nice young man at the factory that your mother works at.

Chatting with someone new who you find vaguely attractive can be exhilarating but also a useful opportunity to gather information about the other person and assess compatibility.

One of it’s is due to the invent of mobiles phones.

The dating on phone has become more famous and practised due to it’s ease of use.

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The native population on such platforms can admittedly be diverse, and the swipe-left-swipe-right feature may seem to encourage matching based on physical attractiveness.

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