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Therefore, have Cloud use Bolt | |continuously throughout the battle, while Barret keeps firing regularly by | |using physical attacks. It will first use its Search Scope | |'attack', which is nothing more than a scan for its next target. Head down to the next screen, grab the green marble (now formally known as a Restore Materia) and fiddle with the valve. .------------------------------------------------------------------------------. |Name: Guard Scorpion (Level: 12) |Weakness: Lightning | |HP: 800 |Nullifies: Poison, Gravity | |Exp: 100 |-----------------------------------| |AP: 10 |Status Effects Weaknesses: | |Gil: 100 |Slow, Stop | |Drops: Assault Gun(100%) '-----------------------------------| |Attacks: Search Scope [1 Enemy, Selects target for next attack] | | Rifle [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 41 Base Damage] | | Scorpion's Tail [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 71.75 Base Damage] | | Tail Laser [All Enemies, Phys Atk, 123 Base Damage] | |------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Strategy: Guard Scorpion is a mechanical enemy, making it very vulnerable | |--------- against lightning-based attacked.

In the train cabin, talk to Jessie once again and she'll show you how the trains operate in Midgar. When you depart, walk up to Barret for a rather quick debriefing. Shinra Guards will attack you, but you're given a choice: Fight or Run. Do something more productive instead by picking up the Potion near the exit below, then continue down south. | | | |Trivia: Depending on who's alive when Guard Scorpion raises its tail, the | | in-battle dialogue changes. | | | |Unleash your Limit Breaks when they come up and keep pounding the boss with | |Bolt and physical attacks until it breaks down.

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Walk over and free her foot that got stuck between the metal bars.

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