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’s relevance by embracing the emotional depth of men’s interests.

Cars, sports, sex, and suits have their place, but with ambitious reporting and inventive storytelling, Granger has sought to bring readers to their emotional edge, and even to tip them over it.

Magazine shakeups are notoriously erratic and merciless, but this move has baffled many, especially those who’ve worked loyally with Granger for decades. Since he left Condé Nast in 2010 to oversee Hearst’s 21 US magazines, 15 have gotten new editors.

Granger signed a severance agreement that prevents him from discussing his firing.

” By 6, he’s left his house in Westchester for the hourlong drive to work. ” (Spoiler: Yes.) In the second issue, Junod made a rhetorical game of outing Kevin Spacey. “It was kind of a disaster.” Granger had never managed a newsroom, but he understood the constraints of rigid hierarchy.He never understood that—never understood that my loyalty to David ran deeper than my ambitions.Or maybe he did understand it, and that’s why the mass migration of his writers and editors wounded him so.” has tormented Granger’s sleep for 19 years.“He came in and democratized the place,” says Executive Editor Mark Warren, who worked for the previous three editors in chief.“He insisted on integration of the junior staff.” About a week into the job, Granger leaned over the cubicle wall of a 25-year-old editorial assistant named Andy Ward and asked, “Who should be writing for this magazine?

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