Nrc updating plant safety requirements

While it has now been three years since the events at Fukushima Daiichi in Japan, attention to nuclear safety as a top priority has not changed.We made safety and security upgrades to our plants following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States and already had more safety features built into our plants than did the Fukushima Daiichi plant in early 2011.Safety is our number one priority, and it is key to the performance improvement envisioned in the 3:2:1 initiative.We remain committed to continuous improvement in the safety and operations of our nuclear plants.We will also be working to complete mandated regulatory projects focused on safety and cybersecurity in the coming years.Xcel Energy’s two nuclear generating plants, Monticello and Prairie Island, produce no greenhouse gas emissions in their production of electricity.They help supply the necessary level of base-load power for the electricity transmission network to operate.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved 20-year license extensions for both plants, authorizing operations to 2030 for Monticello and 20 for the two units at Prairie Island.They do produce low-level and high-level (used nuclear fuel) radioactive wastes that are isolated from the environment and are disposed of safely in accordance with NRC regulation in NRC licensed facilities.Until they are safely disposed, they are stored on an interim basis on-site.An objective that ties together all of our strategic cornerstones is our Strive for 95% objective.Our goal is to have our plants performing at high reliability continuously—to generate power for the two-year refueling cycle at an average of 95 percent capacity factor.

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We believe that both the Prairie Island and Monticello plants would be able to withstand those natural disaster scenarios.

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