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We were approaching our final destination and stood up to queue by the train doors, as British people feel compelled to do.A man casually leaned over to a girl who’d walked across from the opposite carriage and asked, “Have you had lunch?Most importantly, don’t spend ages psyching yourself up. Empathy is when you put yourself in the place of others and can feel for what they're going through.This will not help her to learn about others' feelings.Instead, it'll give her the idea that it was acceptable to hit in the first place, as well as shocking and upsetting her.

What could we do instead to show her that you're unhappy? " If your child knows exactly what she did right, she may be more likely to do it again.Discuss your emotions Being open about your feelings will help your child to understand that other people can feel happy or sad, just like she does sometimes.Chat about what you're feeling as you go about your day, for example: "Mummy's annoyed because the car won't start", or "It makes me very happy when you put your ball away when I ask".If she’s behaving angrily, ask whether she’s feeling cross.Don't be afraid to point out calmly when she's being uncaring, but let her know that it isn’t wrong to feel angry or upset.

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