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This was never the case when the Muslims arrived in Spain.

Actually, the natives from the Iberian Peninsula welcomed them and were happy to see someone that respected their faith and their traditions and had similar beliefs as the majority of the natives of Hispania were Unitarian Christians.

Furthermore, if natives of the Iberian Peninsula would have resented these newcomers, Hispania would have never been Muslim, would have never planted the seeds for the Renaissance in Europe, and would have not had scientific and artistic advancements that later influenced Europe and the American continent.

If it were an invasion, the natives would have forced them to leave Hispania as it occurred when Napoleon in 1807 tried to seize Spain and asked permission of the Catholic Spanish Monarchy for his French troops to pass through Spain in order to invade Portugal.

In order to understand this, it is important to give a background of the inhabitants of Hispania at the time.

The Iberian Peninsula was populated by Celts, Iberians, Sephardic Jews, Romans and Visigoths.

They believed in only one God, saw Jesus as a Prophet and awaited the Messiah, exactly as Muslims.

However, it was a civilization that constantly used force as a means of controlling the citizens of the peninsula, which resulted incessant instability.The Gibraltar Canal that separates Morocco from Spain has always been known as a tool for merchants to trade on both the Spanish and Moroccan Coast.Hence, this was not the first time that the Berbers had visited Spain."4 We can also ask if the Arabs were in a condition to invade Spain in 711 AD or not.Olagüe adds that people never take the time to think how the "invaders" of North Africa crossed the Gibraltar Canal in a blink of an eye.In other words, how were they able to conquer 544,192 km2, the most mountainous region in Europe, in three years?

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