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Sorry, I'm used to Linux and the way windows works with this stuff is absolutely confusing, I'm used to just asking they system for exactly what I want and getting an answer lol Ok, so I was completely overlooking the fact that I was reading token 2 and 3 ONLY, after I realised that, it all fell into place, I'll post exactly how I fixed it tomorrow.Thanks again Peter Wright for your insight, your solution works perfectly as far as I can tell.

The issue I'm running into is that I cant figure out how to either query using a statement like you can in sql with program name being the string returned from the Display Name you selected, or to have a SINGLE query that will allow me to both filter out the Display Names like you see above and also include the Uninstall String value in the same statement.No need to limit yourself: use Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, E-Mail or Google to spread your question.Set up various points where people can find your crowdsourcing campagne: your blog, your website, your Facebook fan page or even the tricider Public Ideas Space. The problem with trying it any other way is I can't filter and do both arrays without it ending up with indexes completely wrong (it'll skip a display name but still assign the uninstallstring because its not letting me filter both) UPDATE: At this point I have it pulling back both a Display Name and Uninstall string, but it's not advancing the counter correctly.In it's current state, it assigns 2 variables, the name of the key (%%a) to use for assigning and comparing what the key is, and the value of the key (%%c) which is either the name of the program or the uninstall path (string) to use for uninstallation later in the script.

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