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And, no matter how much you assure the other party that the person is a fine, upstanding citizen, you will never convince the other party, in the short term, that this person should be having contact with the children.

Most importantly, a parent needs to consider the feelings of the children.

Marriage is a serious endeavor and not one to be taken lightly.

Likewise, the decision to end a marriage is a serious endeavor and not one to be taken lightly.

This will automatically put the other party on the defensive or more defensive than they already are.

This may trigger a conference with the non-dating party's attorney; which in turn may trigger an investigation into the possibility that the relationship started before the parties separated.

Speaking of adultery, occasionally one thing will lead to another and dating may result in a sexual relationship.

Sometimes it is helpful for the couple to agree to “trial separation.” In this post you will learn a way to go about a structured or trial separation.

Definition: Terminating cohabitation with a moratorium on the final decision to reunite or divorce – basically a postponement of that decision for a time.

Even if the children respond positively, children will form bonds with a parent's new love interest so the interjection of a new player into their lives needs to be carefully considered.

Even the most well adjusted child will be seriously affected by a divorce.

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Putting a bit of distance between relationships should give someone a better perspective of where they are in life.

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