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Many clients can simultaneously run against one server.The server runs Oracle Database software and handles the functions required for concurrent, shared data access.As internet computing becomes more prevalent in computing environments, many database management systems are moving to a multitier environment.This section includes the following topics: The client is a database application that initiates a request for an operation to be performed on the database server.Lower costs derive from increasing the utilization of resources and dramatically reducing management and maintenance costs.Rather than dedicating a stack of software and hardware to a specific task, all resources are pooled and allocated on demand, thus eliminating underutilized capacity and redundant capabilities.The section contains the following topics: Grid computing is an information technology (IT) architecture that produces more resilient and lower cost enterprise information systems.With grid computing, groups of independent, modular hardware and software components can be connected and rejoined on demand to meet the changing needs of businesses.

Modified or new data is not necessarily written to a datafile immediately.

It requests, processes, and presents data managed by the server.

The client workstation can be optimized for its job.

Trace file information is also used to tune applications and instances.

The alert file, or alert log, is a special trace file.

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Oracle Database is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage information and applications.

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