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The sequel is about a talented teen quartet who take a whirlwind tour of Spain to pursue their dreams of pop superstardom.Unlike its predecessor which incorporated karaoke-like musical numbers, The Cheetah Girls 2 turned into more of a musical.Lola suggests that since the Cheetah Girls cannot perform as a group, Chanel should perform with Marisol instead since they can both sing in Spanish.Right before Chanel is going to get changed to perform with Marisol, the Festival Director informs that the Cheetah Girls are able to perform after getting a tip.The next day at breakfast, they meet Joaquin (Golan Yosef), a count, Luc's godson, and a handsome dancer who becomes a love interest for Dorinda (Sabrina Bryan).The next day after Dorinda finds out Joaquin is a dancer, she goes to his studio, where he teaches her tango ("Dance With Me").The Cheetah Girls 2 is the 2006 sequel to the Disney Channel Original Movie, The Cheetah Girls.

While Chanel walked around the house, she overhears Juanita talking to Dorothea about how she believes that Luc doesn't want to marry her because Chanel doesn't like him.Soon they hear a guitar playing and meet Angel (Peter Vives), a mysterious guitar player who accompanies them around Barcelona as they sing to the entire city, and he becomes Galleria's love interest ("Strut").The next day the girls audition for the festival and earn a spot ("Cheetah Sisters (Barcelona Mix)").The Cheetah Girls then perform "Amigas Cheetahs", and as a surprise, bring Marisol onto the stage (where Lola sees how happy her daughter finally is), along with Joaquin's dancing crew, Angel on the guitar and the Director on the trumpet. An alternate ending concludes after this, where Juanita and Luc are having their wedding, and with everybody enjoying themselves ("Cherish the Moment"). Currently, the highest-rated DCOM is High School Musical 2 with 17.2 million viewers.(This scene is not shown in both TV or sing along versions.) The premiere of the movie became Disney Channel's highest rated Disney Channel Original Movie with a total of 8.1 million viewers, beating the previous record holder Cadet Kelly, which had a total of 7.8 million viewers. A repeat during the weekend gathered a massive 7.82 million viewers, tallying the total number of viewers to 15.9 million viewers.

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