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Links to resources requiring registration or paid access are included in some instances.There is a lot of hype about the Mc Donalds' scalding coffee case.

He also testified that a burn hazard exists with any food substance served at 140 degrees or above, and that Mc Donalds coffee, at the temperature at which it was poured into styrofoam cups, was not fit for consumption because it would burn the mouth and throat.All linked content is subject to individual copyright protection as expressed within respective host web sites.Most Train Travel News Links selections are accessible without restriction at the time of posting.The quality assurance manager admitted that burns would occur, but testified that Mc Donalds had no intention of reducing the "holding temperature" of its coffee.Plaintiffs' expert, a scholar in thermodynamics applied to human skin burns, testified that liquids, at 180 degrees, will cause a full thickness burn to human skin in two to seven seconds.

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The sweatpants Liebeck was wearing absorbed the coffee and held it next to her skin.

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