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Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE) reformed the calendar and renamed the months during his reign (49-44 BCE).

There is no biblical authority for BC/AD; it was created over 500 years after the events described in the Christian New Testament and was not accepted usage until after another 500 years had passed.or ' Year of Our Lord'), in dating historical events.This designation, it is claimed, is nothing more than an attempt to "remove Christ from the calendar" in keeping with the "subversive" effects of political correctness.To calculate this first you need to find which day of the year your event occurred on.Using July 18th of 2005 as an example, you then determine the Julian date which is the 200th day of 2005. We do that by multiplying 200 by 24 then add the hour of the day the event occurred.

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A 6 means that the individual or organization was in contact with a 5 source.

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