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Keep the intrigue by saving the details until you and your dream man are intimate for the first time.

Show a little chest or even a leg, but if you wouldn't show it in public don't show it online.

Marketing yourself online isn't just about you, but who you want to attract.

Majority of men on the net browse around aimlessly, not knowing what they are looking for; waiting for an ambiguous Mr. Of course, we're all seeking a good man, but what kind of man?

Keep in mind, screen names can also be a deterrent. A name like "lookn4luv" is more likely to attract the romantic types than "easystevie".

Even the most gory of movies never show the most graphic scene on the DVD cover.

They leave something to mystery, plus they don't want to scare potential viewers away.

I'm always baffled by the funny spellings and the creative phrases they use, especially while I'm starring at my monitor trying to come up with a eight letter word that will live with me the entire time I'm on the site.You can be very specific ("My guy is 28 years old") or you can use ranges ("My guy is between 28 and 34 years old").This may seem like an exercise in vain, especially when you could be using those valuable minutes browsing through profiles, but knowing exactly what you want gives you focus and sends a positive message of who you'd like to attract.Whether it's Grindr or OKCupid, each guy is asked to market themselves with an online profile.If you've ever been on a gay online dating site, you know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of guys all looking to connect. And the most successful guys are those that know their market and the product they're presenting—themselves.

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Profile headlines can be a vehicle to attract the man you want, but they can also serve as a first line of defense against the man you don't.

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