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This was repaid by our affection for him, the depth of which was hinted at on that summer's day as I glanced at the newspaper. 'But I left it too late, he had got too old, and that is a big regret.'In the days following Kidson's death, obituaries appeared in the columns normally reserved for Cabinet ministers and generals.

There it was, an announcement that the 'friend and mentor to many, much loved and respected' had died aged 86. Since, in addition to running our farm, I am also a freelance writer, his executors — two of his former pupils — asked if I would pull together the many memories of Michael into a book as a lasting tribute from his boys.

David Cameron told me: 'He once made me write out 100 times: 'I will always use a comma after the adverbial however.' 'Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, recalls being 'yelled at for not spelling 'particularly' properly'.'The fact that 30 years later I can still hear him describing the smell of the morning dew before some battle says it all.'Once or twice a month he came out with his most famous catchphrase.After describing some epic feat of heroism such as the Charge of the Light Brigade, he would fix his classroom of wretched inadequates with a withering glare and utter the immortal words: 'They were GIANTS in those days.'He realised that young people need heroes to engage them, something which I fear has been proscribed today.The writing of school reports is no longer the art form it was.In these politically correct times, we could hardly be further from the days when Michael Kidson - David Cameron's favourite schoolmaster, and mine - taught history at Eton.

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That's if he hadn't already been fired for his entirely unorthodox method of dealing with any boy caught napping in his class.

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  1. Don't date that one guy who all of your friends told you wasn't a good choice. I was extremely nervous to take the SAT because I thought I wouldn't do well, but after I took it, I realized all there was for me to do was try my best.