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She can be seen frequently fashion shows but is especially interested in attending Giambattista Valli’s fashion shows.When she’s not working, she takes interest in vacationing in Rio and Trancoso.Recently in 2014, the model/actress introduced her deep sea- inspired collection of designer jewelry, Underwater, which consisted of colorful opals, pearls and shimmering diamonds.The supermodel turned actress, Bianca Brandolini is very family oriented.a debate on the placement of cheese in apple and google's cheeseburger emojis has forced google's CEO to participate, vowing to resolve the issue today.for every right fashion has given the world, there will always be one seriously wrong and usually balenciaga will be the one to deliver it... Uma Thurman got way more than she bargained for when Italian entrepreneur Lapo Elkann passionately kissed her during a charity auction at the amf AR Gala in Antibes, France, on Thursday, May 19.

She also appeared in the short film Some Words to Make a Change in 2013 alongside Giovanna Battaglia, Cecile Cassel, Dolores Chaplin and Clotilde Courau.

Coming from an impressively aristocratic family line, she values family bonds and has a deep ingrained love for her rich culture.

She said in an interview that she is interested in having kids with the right man and aspires to get married much later in life.

She was among the top 10 best dressed people in the world in 2008 according to Vogue.

She was the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s spring campaign in 2013.

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