Workstation dns not updating

Administrative VM An administrative virtual machine (VM) is a dedicated operating system for administrative tasks hosted on a standard user desktop.

This practice uses an individually assigned administrative account that is completely separate from the user's standard user account.

All of these approaches carry significant risks when implemented in isolation, but can add value to a PAW implementation in some scenarios.

Credential Guard and Microsoft Passport Introduced in Windows 10, Credential Guard uses hardware and virtualization-based security to mitigate common credential theft attacks, such as Pass-the-Hash, by protecting the derived credentials.

The diagram below depicts the ability of attackers to follow the control chain to the target object of interest with an Admin VM on a User Workstation and that it is difficult to create a path on the reverse configuration.

The PAW architecture does not allow for hosting an admin VM on a user workstation, but a user VM with a standard corporate image can be hosted on a PAW host to provide personnel with a single PC for all responsibilities.

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